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A unique background informs my coaching of writers:


New Year's Eve 2015


I’ve been a working writer all my adult life and that means I understand what it feels like to be a writer as well as what how the business works.  

Since 1975, I have earned my living as a magazine feature writer, documentary producer, scholarly writer, business writer, print editor, radio reporter, non-fiction book writer, and blogger. I founded MidLifeBloggers.com in 2008 and the first Writers Workshop began that year. If you want the full extent of my experience, including credits and publications, check my LinkedIn profile.

I’ve  had years of experience teaching writing of all genres to students of all levels.

That means I understand both the pedagogy and the practicalities of teaching writing. I’ve taught creative writing, non-fiction essay writing, college English, critical thinking, and English literature in classrooms large and small all over the country.

I have an M.A. in psychology which has enabled me to develop what I call the Psychodynamics of Writing.

Psychodynamics speaks to the ways in which our conscious and unconscious motivations affect our behavior. Since writing is, at root, an act of communication, our writing process as well as the product of it are no less vulnerable to our “stuff” than are our other relationships in life. Is this therapy? No, but it is resolving your issues as a writer by viewing them through the same lens as you do the other issues in your life.

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