Are You A Writer?

You have a story to tell,

                 but can never find the hours and the quiet space you need to begin.

You have a terrific book idea

                 except you’re not sure what’s the best genre for it.

Actually, you have so many ideas for articles that

               you can never settle on which is the absolutely best one to develop first.

Or, the thought of someone stealing your idea

               stops you from even starting to write it in the first place.

Do any of these statements sound familiar? Let me help you get over the hump between ambition and realization. I specialize in working with new or insecure writers.

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Setting Goals for Content Marketing

social media marketing goalsI thought this post would be a cinch to write, but I reckoned without my longstanding inability to deal concretely with numbers. In this case, it manifested itself at the point where I started to set forth my goals. I began with Aphra’s Art, because I assumed setting goals for a shop would be relatively straightforward. So I blithely wrote down:

My goal for Aphra’s Art:

and the best I could come up with was

To create a relatively successful store selling my art and Dennis’s on Shopify

Immediately I realized my first problem: What does relatively successful mean? Again, trying my best to be honest… 

That I sell something every once in a while

What a totally lame statement practically begging for failure.

That I cover the cost of running the shop  $108 p.a.

That I make—ooooh, pick a number, any number, don’t look, just say it…$1000 in the first year.

When I looked forward to following this exercise through for the other four not-as-easily-quantifiable products, I realize that “naming the number” was going to be a problem for all of them. And that led to asking this:

Is that because I’m uncomfortable with the idea that I’m worth a certain amount?

That’s the easy answer, but it doesn’t feel particularly true. If I dig a little deeper, I come up with this:

I’m uncomfortable with the idea that the currency in which I determine my worth is dollars.

I think this is more it. I resist this idea because success is not for me a function of net worth. In my family, success was a function of

enjoyment in the task,

pleasure in the process,

pride in pleasing/helping others.

That means I’m often conflicted because I live in a world where success is most often determined by net worth or financial gain. Not to mention that enjoyment of the task does not pay the rent.

Okay, that’s nice to know but it doesn’t help me with these Goals. I need something to quantify, and if it’s not money, what is it?

Aha! Stats, numbers, just not the ones with a dollar sign in front. But which ones–and what do they mean???

Ask, and ye shall receive. Or in this case, google and ye shall find: How to Measure Social Media Marketing Success by Bob DeStefano. The three word answer he gives is: Reach, Engagement, Conversion. Yeah, I sorta kinda know what they mean, but really? Not so much. So now that I’ve finished delving into my psyche, I’m off to do what I absolutely love: RESEARCH. 

Of course, I’ll report back immediately….

Step One of A Content Marketing Strategy

A Menu for Social Media MarketingA friend who earns her living as a marketer told me something shocking: “SEO isn’t immediate.” 


“The spider thingies that are responsible for creating social media hits aren’t just sitting in their little webs waiting to pounce the moment you put something out there. It takes them a while to do their crawling thing. It could actually be a couple of days before they get to you.”


I thought the whole idea about this internet thing was that it was lickety split. I write, hit enter and–voila! An audience either is or is not there. And if it isn’t there, the fault, in some way, is mine.

Then my friend, the expert, said another shocking thing: “SEO isn’t good for every kind of product. You have to analyze what marketing would work best for what you’re selling.”

Oh. Really? Wait a minute–I’m selling something?

Holey Moley. That never occurred to me. Or if it did, I put it out of my mind as something unseemly for a child of the 60s to even contemplate.

But the fact is, yes, if I want people to read my posts, I’m selling them on the pleasure of spending time with me. Honestly, though, my blog posts seems to be the least of JaneGassner(dot)com. Check the Nav Bar–I’m also selling my coaching services. And my tutoring services. And my editing services. And all the art in Aphra’s Art is most definitely for sale.

Holey Moley–that’s five different products that I’m ostensibly flogging. And that means–five different products that I’m creating content marketing for. Is there anyway I can do that on one site? Too bad if I can’t, because I’m about to have a go.

Content Marketing Strategy

I think my first step has to be looking closely at my five “products”. I need to get the differences (and/or similarities) between them clear in my mind. That will position me to be able to determine:

  1. my Goals for each;
  2. the Audience I need/hope/expect to reach;
  3. the Persona that will best appeal to that Audience
  4. what Platforms I’ll use

That seems like a lot of work, but  I’m not going to rush through it. Come along for the ride; let’s see where we end up.


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